The better way to buy a house.

There are perhaps few things in life more important than finding a place to live.

We realize that—and so we have a different approach that puts more emphasis on making sure you get the house you want—ahead of other buyers.

Part of it comes from knowing the market better than anyone else. That’s helped by having the most listings in Haddonfield. So, we know what’s coming on the market ahead of time and we’re already thinking about you before houses come up for sale.

More comes from making sure that the buying experience is as easy as possible—and knowing that it’s about more than just the purchase itself. That includes invaluable recommendations and guidance about the entirety of the buying equation, including offers, timing and repairs that smooth the way and take headaches out of it all.

But it’s mostly knowing about how you want to live. What matters most to you and your family. What neighborhood fits best. The schools you want. The kind of house that feels right. Where joy in your life most comes from.

It’s why when you go to buy a house with us, we’ll spend more time hearing about what matters to you, showing you the area and its amenities, and then coming to you with the houses that can bring your happiness to an entirely new level.

Let us show you how the Lisa Wolschina WaySM works better for buyers.

“No one pays more attention to the things that matter to you.”

Lisa Wolschina’s top tips for buyers.

Let us show you how the Lisa Wolschina WaySM works better for buyers.


Find the best realtor with the most market knowledge, because all real estate is “uber local”. Pay close attention to how many years in the market and the level of production your realtor has—these are key indicators.


Listen to your realtor about other experts in the field. The lender. Contractor. Oil tank expert. See if they know them and can help arrange the best people to get you there.


Zillow and other online aggregators are not the best resource to use—local/hyper local knowledge is everything and their numbers and assumptions may not be in tune with what’s really going on in the market.


To that end, know the current market situation in terms of supply and pricing. What’s been going on? Market context to buy or sell in is everything.


Know yourself. Truly know what you want. What you and your family have to have—and, what you can live without in exchange for something else, as every house is different.


Be flexible when your realtor presents alternative approaches. There may be interesting advantages you never considered.


Prepare ahead of time: Especially financial capability—come pre-approved with a lender. Gives you a leg up on speed.


Drive the town. See what’s what and get a feel for it all. Make sure your realtor is one who invests this time.


Take pictures of houses you like and bring them to the table—the kind of style you like, in this town or others.


Be honest with the feedback to your realtor—lay it on the line. What you love. What won’t work for you. The absolutes.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Lisa, Jim and her team helped us buy our home 7 years ago and sell it 7 years later! They are knowledgeable, sensible and know the right things to do, to get a deal done! Lisa’s expertise with the town is phenomenal! Jim Falvey added the energy and expertise to make the little tweaks necessary to help elevate the home to its next level. We are EXTREMELY satisfied and would recommend them!

Amy K.

Haddonfield, NJ

Lisa and Amy were THE reason we got our dreamy new house in a competitive Haddonfield market. We were on the lookout for almost a year for our next home and they always alerted us to new listings or gave us the scoop on existing ones that fit our parameters. They also helped us build the best offer when it was GO time. They also immediately got our existing home sold in a week with multiple offers and closed with no issues. They were always available during “stressful” times to calm us 🙂 and open to our input when negotiating the deals. We would work with them again!

Cara Gaul

Haddonfield, NJ

We had a wonderful experience working with Lisa and her team and we highly recommend her/them to anyone who needs a real estate agent in Haddonfield (and surrounding areas). Lisa is truly an “insider” in the market and will help you sell or purchase a home that you will love.

Paul Swanson

Haddonfield, NJ