The better way to sell a house.

Many realtors would be happy to sell your house for you. After all, they look at it as just a transaction and a commission. It’s not, and how it’s done properly is more important to the way we believe real estate should be conducted.

Positioning a house for sale to get the highest selling price is a strategic exercise. Timing the market is key. So is pricing, naturally, and the level of demand. But then there’s also the way your house needs to look—the improvements that you should make, and then those that you don’t have to. Lastly, there’s the marriage of the best buyers that most want your home, knowing how to find them and bring them to your home. Ahead of other realtors.

We do that. We use a proven selling plan that’s enabled thousands of area residents the ability to sell their house for the most money in a short amount of time. One that’s enabled us to have more listings and sell more properties in the Haddonfield area in the last five years than anyone else.

Let us show you how the Lisa Wolschina WaySM works better for sellers.

“She helped us sell our house quickly and all the guidance was fantastic.”

Lisa Wolschina’s top tips for sellers.

Listen to your Realtor’s advice about all things you need to do to sell your home. These include having a strategy specific to your home that includes these tips:


Prepare correctly to sell. There are certain things Buyers look for, and how your home is presented will make a huge difference in how fast it sells, and the price you get.


Know how to price. Various factors come into play when pricing a home, not only taking into account the value of the home itself and the various comps from recent sales—but also the starting price, using minimum or best and final offer requirements, how hot the market is, willingness to negotiate and how long you even entertain offers.


Leverage market timing to best help you. Certain times of the year—even months or weeks of the year—can vastly affect how much buyer interest there is, and their willingness to close quickly and for a higher price. Make sure you know them and if you can, orient around them.


Use an Open House for best advantage but be mindful of key questions: Do you even need one? How often and how many times should you have one? What day of the week is best? How should your house look? Do you need to really bake cookies? How uncluttered does it need to be? All of these things and more are important to cover and handle properly.


It can make sense to repair or upgrade certain parts of your home ahead of the sale. While you may not want to spend money right before you sell, handled prudently, making those changes can drive much more interest and eliminate strong negatives that may inadvertently turn buyers off.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Lisa and her team were incredible. They made us feel like top priority, every step of the way! We found our dream house and Lisa made it come true. She also turned around and sold our house in one day. Lisa made sure to take care of everything so we never felt any stress.

Carolyn F.

Bought and Sold in Haddonfield

Lisa and her team are top notch. Our home was under contract in TWO DAYS! They worked quickly and efficiently to sell our home. We were always well aware of all the details of the sale and what to expect. They did not leave one detail to chance. We felt well taken care of, which eliminated all the stresses of selling a home.

Donna W.

Sold in Haddonfield

Lisa and Amy are fantastic to work with! They have tremendous knowledge of Haddonfield and have an extensive network of people to help in any real estate needs. If you are looking to buy, sell, or rent I strongly recommend Lisa and her team.

Brian B.

Bought and Sold in Haddonfield