Barbara Quinn

Barbara Quinn


Contact Information

224 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Office: 856.874.8980
Cell: 609.500.1922

Get to know Barbara.

What do you love about working in real estate?

I LOVE helping my clients find the perfect property to fit their needs.

What makes working at Lisa Wolschina & Associates different in your mind? What benefits do the buyers and sellers get?

Knowledge, professionalism and teamwork along with countless hours of commitment to the client.

Tell us a little about you personally. Background? Where did you grow up? Live? Have kids? Interests?

I have lived in NJ for most of my life and love it. Born in North Jersey, grew up in central jersey and now live in Southern New Jersey. I have moved MANY times, as my husband was transferred for his job, so I know what it is like to be the client on both buying and selling sides. I FULLY understand the stress and moving parts of the moving transaction and can empathize with my clients when buying, selling or both at the same time and can help guide them along. I live in Haddonfield and spend the summers in Stone Harbor with my family.