Katherine Conroy Nicastro

Katherine Conroy Nicastro


Contact Information

224 Kings Highway East
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Office: 856.874.8980
Cell: 856.577.2424
Email: kate@LWAhomes.com

Get to know Katherine.

What do I love about working in real estate?

What I love about real estate is the ability to give families a new place to call home. A place for their kids to grow and make memories in and a place for them to feel safe and loved. I love being able to help families who need to sell and I make that process as easy and smooth as possible. I love when my clients contact me saying they are having their first baby in the home they bought with me and are turning a bedroom into a nursery. Or that they hosted their first holiday with extended family in the dining room we found together. It’s all about the people for me as an agent and helping them through the process as smoothly as possible.

What makes working at Lisa Wolschina & Associates different in your mind? What benefits do the buyers and sellers get?

Working with Lisa Wolschina & Associates is different because we work for the leading group of realtors in Haddonfield and the surrounding areas. We have the experience, knowledge, and persistence to guide clients at every turn. We have resources at our disposal that make us invaluable in this market. We are all about customer care and satisfaction.

Tell us a little about you personally. Background? Where did you grow up? Live? Have kids? Interests?

I am a home grown Haddonfield girl. I grew up on Merion Avenue where my parents still live in my childhood home. I know every inch of this town for better or worse. I have lived my whole life in South Jersey and know all the surrounding areas very well. My husband Matt and I raise our daughter Olivia in Haddonfield and we can be seen at all the sporting events the town has to offer. Livie is referred to as the best darn hometown fan Haddonfield has here. I have a reputation for being light hearted, but all the while taking my job and my clients very seriously.